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Hello Folks! We’re back with another episode of Coworking Values Podcast, and how are you all settling in the first month of the year?

This episode we have John Williams, the Head of Marketing of The Instant Group. The Instant Group is a workspace innovation company that rethinks workspace on behalf of its clients injecting flexibility, reducing cost and driving enterprise performance. Instant places more than 11,000 companies a year in flexible workspace such as serviced, coworking or managed offices including Amazon, Barclays, Prudential, Booking.com, Shell, Capita, Serco, Teleperformance and Worldpay making it the market leader in flexible workspace. 

John will be sharing with us insights and ways that can help you Market your Coworking space in 2021. We’ll be deep-diving on those insights and getting you through how it will be effective.

What are some marketing ways you can share for Coworking Spaces?

Two things I would do and neither are very particularly palatable, but needs must wait. So, first up is the chance to spring, clean your CRM, get into your Contacts database of existing and previous customers, and just start marketing and networking to them talking to them as much as you can, via the channels which are available to you, which sadly, at the moment are going to be email virtual. And that is a brilliant piece of obvious advice for you. 

But I know if everyone’s honest to themselves, no one quite keeps their CRM up to scratch or looks after it in the way that they should have done some, some do. Most don’t, I would argue, and I wouldn’t suggest that lockdown is the perfect time. 

If you’ve got the time to get in there and clean it up, make sure the contacts are up to date, and start trying to speak to people because they may not be customers within the next month or two months. But when all this is done and dusted, people are going to be looking for space, and now’s the time to make sure your contact details are in front of them.

And that’s some really obvious advice for you. Certainly, the second thing I say is that there is an inevitability that given how competitive the market is going to be. I would really boringly suggest that your brokers and make sure that the brokers in the market, a very necessary evil, have up to date contact information and sales and centered updates from you as operators because they are getting a huge amount of interest. I can speak on behalf of instance, we’ve never seen demand traffic like it. 

Now it’s not converting into deals. But this week alone in January, we’re seeing record traffic levels. So a record number of people are searching for London and UK office space. You know, we’re up literally up 25% this January this time last year, which is remarkable when you think about it. We’re on lockdown. So the interest is there. 

And when that comes to market, I think people will be well over it. So to get advantage of that, I’d say make sure brokers have all the best possible details for your centers, so they can transact on your behalf when the time arises.


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