Karen West – Whylie, CEO of Three Sixty Workrooms, joins us in this episode. Karen is a local London legend who believes in the art of possibility and the post-bubble economy.

She hopes to be known for adding value, believing in the art of the possible, and supporting people through a cost-of-living crisis. Although Barking and Dagenham is a lovely place to live and work, it is not without adversity and poverty. It currently contains Uber, a film studio, regeneration, and the UCL pole, a research project. It’s an excellent area to live and work.

Tune in as Karen discusses how the local government is dedicated to developing the neighbourhood, preserving its soul, and supporting long-term residents. And how

Three Sixty Workrooms is a low-cost coworking space in Barking and Dagenham for creative businesses and young entrepreneurs. It helps them flourish by providing mentoring, training, and business assistance.

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