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Hello Folks! Here’s another coworking values podcast for you. Our guest this time is Laetitia Vitaud of Laetitia@work. She’s a feminist and she focuses on the future of work.

For this episode, Laetitia shares all about the future of work and what aspects that may, directly and indirectly, affect it. She also shares with us what makes a job, “bullshit”. She will be talking about the difference between working from home and doing remote work. Laetitia also points out very interesting points on what is happening with essential workers in this current pandemic and how they are being treated now as well as how they are going to be treated once all of this is over.

Do you think that things will change after the pandemic?

I don’t want to be too optimistic about you know, the turning point and the fact that after will be different, I think after is right now, actually, and what we’re seeing is a bit more of the same a bit more of what we’ve had for a long time. 

And when you see people applauding nurses and medical workers at 8 pm every day and you know, saying thank you to the NHS, you might think, well, that’s a good thing. There’s a bit of recognition. But on the other hand, applauding is not, does not, you know, bring more economic consideration. 

They’re not paid more. They’re not the conditions, the working conditions that have been, you know, that have that are worse and worse, as each year passes are not improved. As a result, there’s no, there’s not more investment done on public services and NHS infrastructure, not more hiring, not more, you know, not higher pay. If it’s just, you know, saying thank you.

And then in a way, it’s like, acknowledging, acknowledging that they do things for nothing, that it’s just vocation that the higher purpose that they do it for which is the common good, does not deserve economic recognition, more or better-working conditions. So there’s an economist called Marianna Matsu Cutler, who created a bit of a controversy recently when she said that applauding nurses and medical workers without changing anything is actually a little bit like an insult. And it does more harm than good. 

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