Band Leader of the ololo group of Companies in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Daniar Amanaliev, joins Jose Antonio Morales in this episode.

Ololo is an emerging metropolis designed with digital nomads in mind. And they think we should all try to live with less fear and more love. Daniar, his mentor, his wife, and several like-minded friends wanted to create a place where people could come together to learn and express themselves musically, inspired by Daniar’s own enthusiasm for the subject and the excitement he felt while studying it. They are optimistic about the country’s future thanks to the expansion of its creative sector and creative class.

Listen to find out about their origins, the meaning of the term “ololo,” the difficulties they’ve faced, and their plans to become a creative hub that welcomes all digital nomads. Find out how they are making a splash in their community by initiating creative economy-focused projects, with the hope that this will spur growth in the country as a whole.

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Bermet Dosmambetova
Tilek Eshenaliev
Ruslan Shagiakhmetov

Less Fear, More Love in Ololo Podcast Transcript

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