In this episode, we have Lucy McInally, The Inclusive Coworker, a writer and documenter of inclusive coworking, where we explore the intricacies of designing spaces for everyone.

Lucy’s transition from interior design to marketing and co-living unfolds, leading her to the vibrant world of coworking through London coworking conversations.

With a keen eye on gender-specific challenges, Lucy references “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez as she dives into broader issues, discussing community displacement, gentrification, and public space disparities.

The conversation then expands to cultural nuances in coworking, emphasizing transparency in policies and the pivotal role of community managers.

Lucy and Bernie stress the importance of taking responsibility for one’s environment and finding a balance in accommodating diverse preferences.

Tune in for a deep dive into inclusivity, workspace design, and the transformative power of coworking communities with our co-creator Rayon Design – unveiling tools for ordinary architecture, embracing collaboration, speed, and openness for new design culture.

You can join Lucy at the London Coworking Assembly Breakfast Show Panel “Accessible Workspaces: Inclusivity, Language, and the Future of Coworking” at the Workspace Design Show London at the end of February 2024.


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