Marc Navarro: Reset. Rethink. The Coworking Conference


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Hello folks! Our guest for this episode is none other than Marc Navarro of the Coworking Space Conference. He’s been our guest before and each time is as interesting as the latter.

For this episode we are talking about the upcoming Reset. Rethink. The Coworking Conference that is happening on the 4th to the 7th of May. And we are deep-diving on the topics of the talks/sessions comprising the coworking conference such as:

The Next OfficeRubén Carreño

A dysfunctional year analyzed – The Instant Group/Sarah Colwell

The Coworking Cold WarPaula Almansa/Áurea Rivela/Philippe Jiménez

What we learned about remote work traveling the worldPauline Roussel

Overview of coworking in LATAMLuis Pérez/Javier García Iza/Uri Iskin

Automating coworking spacesBen Kolp

Key moments in the evolution of First WorkplacesÓscar García Toledo

Creating an anti-harrasment policy in your coworking spaceIris Kavanagh/Laura Shook Guzmán


Coworking Spain Conference

CU Asia

Marc Navarro: Connecting the local community.

Consultor Coworking


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