In this Coworking Values podcast episode, we have Martyn Sibley as he talks about how Inclusion in businesses can help empower people with disabilities and how it can impact a global market.

Martyn is the Co-Founder and CEO of Disability Horizons and Purple Goat Agency, he is an expert in disability, inclusion, and social media in business. 

Martyn shares his extensive travel experiences as a wheelchair user in over 25 countries.

Martin also shares about ‘Accomable,’ one of his projects that aims to make travel more accessible for disabled individuals. 

He emphasizes the importance of not only physically accessible places but also ones that are supportive and informative.

The discussion focuses on the importance of disability inclusion in society and business. 

Martyn explains how businesses can benefit financially by becoming more accessible, moving away from solely charitable efforts, and recognizing the profitability of inclusivity.

He also includes both the consumer and citizen perspectives of the disability rights movement. 

Martyn emphasizes the importance of businesses understanding diverse needs, not just visible disabilities, and engaging in conversation with customers to provide appropriate support.

Martyn also delves in his experience searching for an accessible coworking space and the challenges he has faced due to physical obstacles.


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