We’re taking a deep dive into the concept of the “15-minute city” in this podcast rewind episode. We’re looking at the myths that the UK government is trying to spread about it, and why coworking spaces are so important in terms of creating community, encouraging people to walk to work, and connecting people to each other.

Basically, 15-minute cities mean you can get to all your places in just 15 minutes, whether it’s a bike ride or a walk.

In this episode, we have David Brown, the mastermind behind The Good Space – a coworking spot that’s all about the 15-Minute City concept.

He’s all about the concept of 15-minute Cities, where everything you need is just a short walk away. He talks about how this idea was born out of his desire to help local businesses and get rid of the need to commute.

He also explains why coworking is more than just a place to work – it’s a place where people can connect and build relationships.

Plus, he talks about how the coworking scene is thriving in London right now, the safety measures that have been put in place, and the impact remote work is having on the industry.

Finally, he talks about why coworking is so important – it’s about shared spaces, community, and increased productivity.

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