Our guest on this episode of the Coworking Values podcast is Suzanne Murdock, a seasoned expert in the flexible workspace industry. Suzanne has over 10 years of coworking experience and is the co-founder of Hub Newry, her popular coworking space between Dublin and Belfast. 

In this podcast, Suzanne talks about the evolution of coworking and the future of remote work. And the importance of building inclusive and collaborative coworking communities where individuals, including remote workers and freelancers, can thrive. 

Suzanne stresses that employers should embrace work and understand the unique needs of everyone on the team. 

Additionally, Suzanne highlights the transformative power of coworking and remote work, offering opportunities for increased productivity, collaboration, and work-life integration. It also provides insights into optimizing work environments, promoting psychological safety, and the benefits of integrating technology into the coworking experience. 

Throughout the conversation, Suzanne’s expertise and passion for advocating for the growth and development of his coworking space and the introduction of flexible working arrangements are conveyed. 

Her podcast – Powering Productivity provides valuable insight and advice for both professionals looking to cowork in her space and coworking space with owners looking to build a thriving community.

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