Sarah Colwell: A Dysfunctional Year, Researched by The Instant Group

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It’s our 100th Coworking Values Podcast episode folks! And we are having Sarah Colwell. She’s the Research Executive from The Instant Group.

We are going to be talking about her recent talk from the Coworking Spain Conference last May 4 to 27 – A Dysfunctional Year Researched by The Instant Group. 

In this talk, she deep dives into how flexible workspaces, which is recovering faster than ever, indicates that flexibility is the way forward. And that companies are beginning to embrace that strategy, especially in the pre-pandemic period. 

Are we going back to normal? How do we change work? 


Yeah, it’s a funny line, isn’t it? Because you know, do we call normal? How we worked before? Or you know, what is? What is the new more we talk about the new normal? 

But I think Yeah, the well, the way that we work, you know, has has changed. I don’t think we’re definitely not going to go back to the way we worked pre pandemic. I think everyone’s had this experience now working from home or flexibility, more agility in how and where they work. 

So I definitely don’t think we’re going to be beginning back to to that normal but there’s no will there be a new normal, which is going to emerge? I think, I think there will be i think it’s it’s definitely not going to be a one size fits all solution.

And I think the key for people really is going to be choice, and they can choose how and where they work. And that is really going to be, you know, everyone might have their,  own unique normal in the way that they work. And I think companies are going to be very much having to, to adapt and accommodate all those different different types of normal.


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