Welcome to the first episode of Coworking Values Podcast: Accessibility Track. This series is in partnership with Nook Wellness Pods – which provides distraction-free environments in coworking spaces, perfect for neurodiverse individuals who need a focused and comfortable workspace.

We’ll be exploring the special challenges and opportunities of making coworking spaces inclusive and empowering for people with disabilities, whether they have physical limitations or are neurodiverse.

In this episode with our host Emily Breder featuring Rosie Sherry from the Ministry of Testing in the UK. She talks about the connection between neurodiversity and coworking.

Rosie discusses her sensory sensitivities and her preference for quieter work environments. Rosie is committed to fostering understanding and meeting the diverse needs of professionals.

Rosie shares her experience in coworking spaces in Brighton in 2010. She managed a space and got involved in local meetups, forming connections and friendships.

Then they dive into neurodiversity. Rosie talks about her journey, especially with her child who was diagnosed last year. She discusses how women are speaking up more about neurodiversity and the challenges neurodiverse people face in society.

One important topic they cover is Rosie’s sensory sensitivities, especially to noise, and how it impacts her coworking preferences. She believes there should be more spaces that cater to different needs, especially quieter and more focused work settings.

Rosie shares her own work preferences, leaning towards self-employment for creative freedom and to meet her specific needs. She talks about the stress of working for others and the significance of effectively managing her calendar.

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