For this episode, we welcome back Shazia Mustafa of Third Door Coworking. It is a family-friendly coworking space that also has an Ofsted-registered Nursery on-site, Third Door.

Third Door was founded on the conviction that it is possible to thrive in your profession and spend quality time with your children at the same time. 


We are going to talk about the Mary Portas’ book: Work Like A Woman: A Manifesto for Change and the Coworking Idea Project challenge for this month.

We also deep-dive into the world of working parents – especially women, childcare, and privilege.

That also comes with traditional roles, and how equality and inclusivity in workspaces can make it easier for women. 

How do you think coworking and childcare could go forward?

It’s just got it just going back to the Coworking and childcare. I think for me, going forward, I think there’s a still a huge opportunity to have the childcare aspect to a lot more Coworking spaces.

But it isn’t enough. 

As I’ve already mentioned, it just stick the childcare facility on, it’s got it, we can’t build a room with a Coworking thing you need to have a proper witness. I know in the UK, there’s so much legislation.

And I know as a mom, I don’t want my children in a room and they’re just playing with two, I want them to be educated. And that’s what a lot of parents want. 

I want them to be around people who care about their career and want to help children and, and, and also want, I think, around that you need to have lots of care for the actual working moms themselves and realise that they’re doing a lot of unpaid work.

You know, it always falls on women’s shoulders. So there is a lot around unpaid care. 

And these traditional roles and and the conversations that we’re all having at the moment, especially post pandemic is that it does need to be equal.

We need to start somewhere. It’s not going to be everywhere at the moment but within our Coworking world and how people are currently working with so many from home, we need to help with people who are parents to to have more quality, whether it’s so that they can both work well. 

It’s more quality at all. And I think Coworking is the place for that. To really, really help them.


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Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto For Change by Mary Portas

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