Welcome back to another edition of the Coworking Values Podcast, where we discuss everything that is going on in the Coworking Community.

Stephen Somerville, Co-founder of Contingent.Works in Bromley, London, joins us for this episode.

Contingent.Works exist to help Bromley become a better place. Bromley has an amazing history, with previous residents who have helped change the world, yet it often feels as if there is little to inspire the present generation of globe-shakers.

Bernie and Stephen “fanboys” about David Bowie and the role he and other previous residents had in putting Bromley on the map. And how Bromley has evolved into a vibrant startup hotspot.

And how they may engage with the local community, uncover new ideas and talent, and help entrepreneurs make business connections.

On Ziggy’s 50th Birthday Party Stephen asks everyone to appreciate the places that shaped Ziggy by launching the first Bromley Bowie Map. Contingent Works is holding an exclusive celebration to honour its hometown hero. 

Stephen Somerville: Why Bowie Matters To Coworking Podcast Transcript

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