The Workspace Design Show 2023 is almost here. 

In this episode, we’ve got the panel for the upcoming 2 days’ Workspace Design Show 2023 in collaboration with the London Coworking Assembly and Nexudus

Tune in with them as they talk about how Coworking is a way of bringing together different people in a space designed to help them work and connect. And When designing the space, the event will focus on accommodating the client’s needs, incorporating warm tones, and ensuring a certain level of comfort and accessibility for everyone. Flexible working hours are also appealing, as they allow you to form meaningful connections with people from different companies for both work and genuine relationships.


Coworking Spain’s Marc Navarro an expert in design principles.

The CEO of CoworkiesPauline Roussel, who has visited over 400 coworking spaces across the world.

Karen West-Whylie, Founder of Three-Sixty Workrooms, experienced in starting up new local workspaces.

And, David O’Coimin, the Founder Director of Nook Wellness Pods, an expert in designing space to accommodate people’s needs.

MATT PR founder Aceil Haddad will lead this extraordinary panel.

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