We discuss the importance of diversity, representation, and inclusivity in tech and coworking spaces.

We explore why diversity and representation are important and how communities can help create inclusive environments.

We have Catherine Park with us, a community and event specialist.

She will share her story about how she started her social enterprise, G.L.O.W, and how she’s since gone on to work in organizations like Circl, and Colorintech.  

Catherine is passionate about diversity and inclusion.

She believes that diverse role models are important for inspiring underrepresented individuals.

They talk about the difficulties of creating event panels with people from different backgrounds.

They consider things like how informed and connected the individuals are, and if they represent the organization well.

Creating safe and inclusive spaces is crucial. Catherine stresses the importance of making diverse talent feel welcome.

Also, Catherine talks about the Black Tech Fest which celebrates Black tech talent and promotes diversity in the tech industry. 

Communities play an important role in promoting diversity and inclusion.

They create a sense of belonging, networking, diverse perspectives, and common goals.

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