Coworking spaces have long evolved from just being a shared space with tables and chairs and random strangers all over the place. For Anton Chernikov, in its essence, a good workspace is one that promotes innovation, is inclusive and is built on a solid foundation which is a united local community. 

Upon completion of his architecture degree, Anton setup a design consultancy called Exponentials. He also works as a partner and Creative Director at a London based real estate firm called Alive who build and operate mixed-use rental housing developments in Central London. More recently Anton launched House of Transformation; a nature-inspired event and meeting space in East London that will be hosting a post-lockdown event series called H:FEST

During lockdown Anton unlocked the power of crowdfunding campaigns to build his community, kickstart member benefits and host events. On the 7th April 2021, in a free webinar; Crowdfunding for Coworking Spaces, he shares these insights and tips with spaces on how to capitalise on the benefits of crowdfunding. 

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a very affordable way to launch a coworking space. It allows you to pre-sell memberships and event tickets, and to get community involvement and support in the early stages. It is also advantageous in clearly communicating your visions and missions, while serving as a cost-free marketing and advertising strategy.

The trick is to take active part in securing the funds and coming up with engaging event ideas that will draw attention and public interest. It is important to regularly track the progress of your project in order to measure how hard you still need to push. 

It is also a good idea to set up your own donor box and market it well to your local community, with no third parties involved as these platforms can be very costly. This way you also get to keep all the donations and not split them.

To find out more about how you can use crowdfunding in your space RSVP to this free event today.

Projects to support

Among other projects, Anton is also setting up regenerative co-housing communities and a global event for village builders called re:build online festival taking place from 30 April – 3 May. Register and received a discount by using the code ANTON10.

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