Coworking spaces are always looking to ensure that they are keeping up with the latest trends to ensure the best outcome for the future of work. Since the pandemic, coworking has grown immensely, and there is one event that no coworking space should miss. 

FlexWorld 2022 is an event where the future of work meets coworking spaces, created and run by OfficeRnD. Cofounder of OfficeRnD, Miro Miroslavov, shared some insights into what FlexWorld 2022 is all about and what can be expected from the in-person and hybrid event. 

The event is focused on getting both sides of the coworking industry – coworking space owners and service providers – under one roof to discuss the future of work, and possible solutions to ensure the road ahead is more manageable. 

About OfficeRnD

OfficeRnD specialises in building tools for managing different types of workspaces, their biggest product, OfficeRnD Flex, is the leading coworking space management platform with more than 1000 customers worldwide.

“Coworking spaces are using our software to scale their operations, to create excellent member experience, all packed into a solution that gives them access to everything they need to run a coworking business,” says Miro.

During the pandemic they launched a product called OfficeRnD Hybrid, which allows corporations to manage their offices and to offer employees hybrid working solutions. 

“It’s built around the idea of simplifying the scheduling nightmare that most companies are getting into today,” explains Miro. 

It ensures that the office space isn’t overbooked and ensures easy scheduling for team meetings, groups wanting to work together, and keeping the office less crowded. 

Miro says that their ultimate dream is to “connect these dots, and to also introduce a platform that essentially allows people to work from anywhere, whether that is the office, a coworking space, or home.” 

What to expect from FlexWorld 

The idea behind FlexWorld started as a way to get the different people from the real estate industry  together. Flex spaces, coworking spaces, hybrid companies, landlords and anyone who roams within the future of work sector. 

The OfficeRnD team saw that there was a need to bring the world of the corporates and the coworking spaces together, in one room, to discuss what the future holds. “Having the worlds come together creates an important discussion that allows growth within the sector,” explains Miro. 

Miro says that getting everyone in the same room and talking about the future of work creates an opportunity for idea sharing and ultimately a better future. “At some point we decided that we want to create a conference where we can meet all parties that are involved in the future of work,” explains Miro.

The main idea behind the conference is to talk about the future of work, technology, and how technology can help shape the future of work, as well as how the services and different amenities will all share the future of work. 

“It is fundamental that we look at what is important today, and what will be necessary tomorrow for the employees. For example, how to make the employees want to come to the office, but also to make it worth their while to spend their time at the office,” says Miro. 

Since the pandemic, going to the office means having a productive and collaborative work day. No one wants to spend time sitting at a desk, as employees are able to do that at home or in a coworking space. 

This is a free event that anyone can attend, whether you are a coworking space, a service provider, a freelancer, or hybrid worker, this event is created for you! The insight into what the future holds for work is an important discussion to be had by all that frequent the area. 

They are keeping a secret

Creating technology that ensures better management of coworking and hybrid spaces is what OfficeRnD strives to do. When the OfficeRnD team sees a gap, nothing can stop them to create a solution that will make running a coworking space easier. 

When speaking to Miro, he told the London Coworking Assembly that FlexWorld 2022 is not just an event to discuss the future of work, but to launch a product that will be beneficial to the growth of coworking. 

“We will unveil a very interesting technology in my opinion,” said Miro, keeping us all on our toes. With the history that OfficeRnD holds, and the technology they have created to ensure easy coworking space management, it is sure to be something that makes running a coworking space smoother and manageable. 

Be sure to catch Flexworld 2022 on 20 September online and in person at The Loading Bay Shoreditch from 13:00 BST. Register for this free event on their website to secure your place, and see what the future of work looks like.