For this episode, we welcome back Gerald Vanderpuye, Co-founder of Impact Brixton

Gerald understands what it’s like to build a coworking space in a London neighbourhood, in addition to his experience as a start-up founder.

Gerald will be talking all about Impact Brixton and how it grew to be a diverse community of dreamers, freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs, and social change-makers in Brixton, South London.

They have expanded their influence. Brixton has developed into a vibrant and well-connected part of the local community

He will also touch briefly on the upcoming London Coworking Assembly April Breakfast event: Designing A More Inclusive And Equitable Coworking Future.

Some points from the podcast:

– So I think one of the reasons why we speak about it as being black owned, because we hope it isn’t to be honest, we want that there should be more black owned coworking spaces in Europe is the space and the industry’s incredibly not diverse. Right. And there’s often communities, different minority groups just don’t feel welcome to move into some of the larger spaces. So it is important, that one of the ways you ensure this is inclusive and diverse is by ensuring that hey, some were represented at that ownership level. So we can have an influence on how it’s designed and how we attract similar people to the space. (3.16)

– I realize this is probably part of a larger discussion. But there’s no denying that gentrification is having an impact. Both good and bad. And it’s a topic we frequently discuss at impact Brixton, whether it’s good for Brixton or not. But, as entrepreneurs and creators, I believe we tried to think about what we could control and what we could change. So I like to think about the positive aspects of gentrification and how we can learn more about that and ensure that, hey, this makes a difference in our community. (6.29)


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Gerald Vanderpuye: Designing A More Inclusive And Equitable Coworking Future Podcast Transcript

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