Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Coworking Values Podcast. This is a live recording from one of the London Coworking Assembly events.

We have Kofi Oppong, Founder of Urban Mba – a registered charity. They help young people develop their ideas and start their own sustainable commercial and social enterprises through our entrepreneurial programmes and business courses.

Carmen Lecuane, International onboarding specialist assisting Workspaces in streamlining their everyday operational tasks with Nexudus.

And Aiden Saunders, Founder of Ailey CIC – a non-profit that fosters principles known as Branches. They help people in developing these branches, that will hold the good fruits of life.

For this session, they talk about how the Black Lives Matter Movement has come so far and how has it made a difference. How does it affect the current generation and the future?

Some points in the podcast:

  • So, we experienced a similar situation over 20 years ago. But I just want to contextualise that aspect, that the reason we can never stop promoting this type of agenda or talking about Black Lives is that, after 30 or 40 years, it happened again. So we need to look at what we need to change and keep it front and centre, in terms of public, whatever else you can do. ( Kofi at 4.13 )
  • To answer the fundamental question, how has Black Lives Matter impacted society? Has the historical background that Kofi provided made any difference? Yes, it’s a premature question. Right? No answer to this issue. It is too early to state. Change has to be done inside, from a company, industry, and personal standpoint. So, if companies are coworking spaces, diversity on websites is branding, right? If you don’t change inside, you won’t change any political policies, communication styles, unfavourable cultural stereotypes, or even cultural expectations. ( Carmen at 8.10 )
  • Almost as if Black Lives Matter is saying this is our time to birth a new way of thinking for the world. There are a lot of things going on in the world that aren’t right. And with Black Lives, this is the dominant view that people see, or, I guess, the world recognises as oppressive. For example, we’re trying to use black lives as a tool to comprehend and explain how bettering ourselves may help form a framework for others and other races. So it’s not just about black lives, but we utilise it as a beacon. Then we may help build a new generation’s worldview by addressing racism in all industries, all lifestyles, and all families. More than older generations. ( Aiden at 19.43 )

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