In this episode, Bernie is back with Johanna Voll of the Coworking Library.

Join them as they talk about Deskmag launching the Global Coworking Survey to explore the industry’s rapid transformation. Join us in this episode to find out why YOU should take the survey and share it with all your coworking friends.

Your insights will help shape the future of the coworking industry and provide valuable insights to operators and members alike.

We encourage everyone to join in the Global Coworking Survey and look forward to hearing from coworkers all over the world.

Your feedback will be used to help define the future of the coworking industry and will be helpful to both operators and members.

Would you mind taking a few moments out of your day to provide some feedback?

Help spread the word & share the survey by becoming an official supporter.

Find out how here: Global Coworking Survey

Article on Deskmag: Join the 2023 Global Coworking Survey

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