We are “The Utilize” Project.

The Utilize Project

Four minds came together, all with their strengths to balance out each other’s weaknesses with the collective purpose of building up and elevating communities through utilizing empty spaces in London. 

Our first project is on the Isle Of Dogs and has been an interesting journey so far. We had all the ideas and were ready to put our feet down on the gas when the pandemic hit.

For me personally COVID-19 and the lockdown was a blessing in disguise. We were able to sit down as a team and plan the future of our project, and really sit and think about how we could make a difference. 

The Utilize Project initiative

So what is this project I’m talking about? 

The E14 Project is based on Pepper Street, we are utilizing six old office blocks and eight shop fronts with an aim to fill them with social enterprises, charities and small businesses by offering REALLY affordable short term lets.

What’s even better is if you are a social enterprise or a charity we are giving them space to your for free, all we ask is for a small admin fee (dependent on the size of your space). 

Within the last month, we have managed to fill 80-85% percent of our space with some amazing companies and along with that, an amazing community is being formed!

Why I’m reaching out to you today, not only to invite you down to Pepper Street, is to share an idea that I have. TUP (The Utilize Project) believes in partnerships and collaborations. 

Alongside our community training room, dance/yoga studio and community salon we have a space that is always intended to be an affordable community coworking space. 

Pressing On

My idea was to partner up with an established coworking space who may be interested in a pilot/pop community element of their business and to run the space for the time we have left here on the Isle Of Dogs. 

The Utilize Project won’t stop after Pepper Street, whether we are extended again, or we have another space we are looking for a partner who would want to work with us going forward as I believe in this new normal we’re living in, this is the future of “utilizing” London Spaces. 

I would love to hear from you if this strikes a chord. Just shout us out on Twitter or visit us at The Utilize Project.


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