On the 18th of June, the award-winning charity Urban MBA had an open day event at the fabulous coworking space at Beter Space in the Ray Farringdon London, where they highlighted organisations successes, future goals, and strategic objectives. Urban MBA reached the milestone where they felt ready to share their stories and accomplishments in helping marginalised and disengaged young adults by offering enterprise and employment skills and alternative teaching methods to create long-lasting changes in their lives. Members from local communities, including Hackney, Islington, Redbridge, and Haringey, supported the evening by attending the talks and learning more about Urban MBA. 

The event was opened by the founder Kofi Oppong, a mentor and role model for many of his millennial and Gen Z generation students. To help you better understand the value that Kofi brings to everyone around him, I could compare him to Kenny Ray Carter, played by Samuel L. Jackson in the film “Coach Carter” (2005). The similarity lies in the fact that both of these brilliant men made differences in people’s lives based on unconditional care and tough love principles and saw the potential in their students when they could not see it for themselves. 

The prime examples of what is possible to achieve with long-term support and development with Urban MBA are graduates Haji and Victoria, who are on the road to becoming self-made millionaires. Haji, the founder of the fashion brand “Saint Giovani de la Mode”, is an all-time entrepreneur whose life resembles the classic entrepreneur’s story. Living in the hostel when he was first introduced to Urban MBA, he turned his life around and within seven years of mentoring and support from Urban MBA,  his company will soon have a turnover of nearly £1million in revenue. While Victoria, the owner of “Sunmo Snacks”, is another successful business owner, who is one of the first people, alongside Haji (Victoria has been with Urban MBA for six years) to graduate from Urban MBA. Her products are now being sold in Selfridges, Amazon and other major retailer stores and online platforms. Fempreneur Victoria was also recommended for Forbes 30 under 30. As a way to give back and contribute to the well-being of the community, she also recruits new staff members from disadvantaged communities and groups.

Going back to the event, next speaker in line was Sam Francis, the owner of “Find a Balance”, who shared her mompreneur story and how life challenges led her to become part of the Urban MBA family. Francis excellency lays in providing a back-to-work service, specialising in working with NEET young people & adults, focused within Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities with mental health issues. She has worked with government, charitable and private organisations to provide her incredible 24-week programs that lead individuals to full recovery, paid employment, or back into education.

Other speakers included Urban MBA graduates Fahmida Begum, who is now charity’s trustee, Ihzaz Ahmed, currently working as CFO and junior accountant; and Mahdi Khan, who has taken a digital marketing manager’s role at Urban MBA. They delivered some great insights on their personal journeys and shared with the audience what Urban MBA meant for them. 

The co-founder of the London Coworking Assembly and trustee of Urban MBA, Bernie Mitchell, draw things to a close by sharing the importance of joining the London Coworking and Urban MBA alliances. In a fun and informative way, Bernie shared why the partnership between London Coworking and Urban MBA charity are undoubtedly creating an inclusive space for everyone around. To sum it all up, coworking spaces offer an alternative working environment for innovative freelancers and entrepreneurs while Urban MBA contributes to making young entrepreneurial adult lives better by engaging them with relevant training and exposing them to positive role models and new opportunities.

So why change is essential, you may ask me? Because everyone deserves an inclusive space to grow and prosper, where they can overcome their fears and build confidence. And Urban MBA is giving exactly what everyone needs – accredited support and unlimited mentorship. Being part of the Urban MBA family means you are pumped up, motivated, enthusiastic, and ready to tackle any obstacles that life will throw at you (And believe me, it will throw a lot at you). We live in an age where there are tons of advancements in technology and many ways to change society actively. But how consciously are we changing the trajectory of our own lives? With the help of Urban MBA and London Coworking Assembly, we are now developing a trusted network, a safe space for learning, that will help us change current situations for the better. When you allow yourself to change, adapt and grow, you open the door to a fuller life and a more fruitful future.