In 2020 Elena Giroli, took the leap moving from the public sector and headed full time into Change and Community Manager at Creative Works. For years Elena has been part of the London Coworking Assembly and a member of coworking spaces, but the opportunity to work behind the scenes, and nurture a community has been greatly rewarding. 

Creative Works is situated in a developing area, E17 London, which is highly regarded for its vibrant and lively nature, this according to Elena is the space’s best feature. It is established in an old industrial building, meaning plenty of space for social distancing and to add to the space’s modesty and environmental consciousness, more than 60% of the material used is upcycled materials. 

Creative Works and the community

Creative Works forms part of one of the largest creative communities in London, Big Creative Education, and offers apprenticeship programs to graduates needing experience and connections. Free desks for tenants taking on an apprentice is available while they give back and mentor others. 

Creative Works and Covid-19

When Covid-19 hit individuals and businesses, Creative Works was no exception. However, Elena and the team at Creative Works saw that as an opportunity to improve their space and they ran with it! While on heavy lockdown, the team put their heads together and designed new strategies that would help them better prepare for the many changes that would come with the new working world, which they later implemented when lockdown regulations were loosened.

Stricter security and safety protocols had to be implemented to protect the users of the space. Increased hand sanitizers and chalkboard partitions were added and an online health assessment was developed for users to regularly check their health and well-being. In addition, the space now has an online booking system that allows people to pre-book their spaces well in advance, which also helps regulate the rules of social distancing as well a list of various plans now available as flexibility is at the heart of all these changes. 

Following the first wave, the space, with the help of other sponsors established and implemented a ‘business clinic’ for people and businesses that were hit most by the pandemic. This is a fund that aims to support the local community and businesses that have suffered great financial losses as a result of Covid-19. 

Creative Works has created and cultivated a culture of open and honest communication between members and space owners, which fosters a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved. To become part of this community read more here