The European Coworking Assembly’s Coworking Values Podcast is pleased to announce a year-long collaboration with andcards to promote Inclusion and Diversity in the sector. The partnership, hosted by Bernie J Mitchell and Jose Antonio Morales, brings you a series of podcasts that showcase unique stories from coworking space owners all around the world.

Significance of encouraging diversity in the coworking business

The coworking sector has developed exponentially over the years, thanks to five basic values: community, openness, cooperation, sustainability, and accessibility. Yet, as the world and society develops, it becomes increasingly vital to offer new concepts that correspond with the social demands of the next generation of members.

The Visionaries initiative is devoted to pushing the industry’s limits and shining a light on the most unorthodox and innovative industry leaders, who are forging new ground and setting a route for the future.

It is consistent with the beliefs of many younger generations, who value diversity and inclusiveness when deciding where to work and conduct business.

Businesses that value diversity and inclusion are more likely to be successful and sustainable in the long run, attracting a larger spectrum of clients, investors, and partners. Not only may coworking space members be different, but many coworking spaces are diverse and distinctive in their own right, catering to a wide range of specialties and demographics.

Coworking Visionaries 

The Visionaries Project is dedicated to investigating unique coworking spaces that are typically seen as outcasts because of their distinctive and unconventional architecture.

The programme will include a podcast series featuring thought-provoking talks with bold trendsetters shaping the future of the coworking and flex space sectors. It will also engage the community through social media, blogs, and newsletters offering a platform for coworking enthusiasts, operators, and members to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas.

The study’s goal is to demonstrate that the concept of diversity is not limited to the composition of a workspace’s membership, but can also be found in the unique features, services, and experiences offered by various coworking spaces.

The first edition of the Visionaries podcast series, featuring a special guest from exotic Kyrgyzstan – Daniar Amanaliev, Band Master of ololo group of Companies in Bishkek. It will be broadcast in early March. 

The creators of ololo Creative Hub are creating a future city for digital nomads to live in the moment and love what they do.

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