Many coworking spaces make use of more than one coworking space booking platform to ensure that they cover all bases when it comes to their coworkers booking spaces. 

But, and it happens often, it can quickly become confusing and time-consuming to keep track of which spaces and desks are available and which are booked, by who and through which app. 

It becomes even more difficult to keep track of these booked spaces when you have more than one location. 

For some, this means manually updating their website or availability on just their preferred booking platforms or apps. 

Fret no more! Syncaroo is the solution to all of your repetitive manual updating tasks. With Syncaroo you can sync all of your coworking space software, automatically update website widgets, and have a system that keeps all of your space information and bookings in-sync. 

The London Coworking Assembly is committed to building new relationships that last a lifetime. The goal is to help our members build the best coworking spaces. That is why we teamed up with our good friends Hector Kolonas and Robert Kropp from Syncaroo. 

They are committed to providing the best integrations for coworking spaces of all sizes. And over the course of a few blogs, together we will help you make the right decision. 

But why did we choose Syncaroo? 

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Syncaroo’s first  automations focus on boosting reach and revenues for flex workspaces. Through Syncaroo you can link a growing number of your platforms together, keeping things automatically updated and dropping those important but tedious tasks that you don’t look forward to. 

Which means that our members have more time to spend on the tasks that really matter to build their coworking space. 

Some of the tools available in the automation suite that Syncaroo currently include: 

Auto-updating any webpage

It is easy to auto-update any webpage with the Syncaroo integration. All you need to do is copy and paste widgets that always stay in-sync. 

This helps you to keep your pricing, availability and opening hours in-sync on any webpage, without having to manually update each page or platform. 

Syncaroo allows you to use widgets on your website, add them to landing-pages, or even give them to partners to promote you to their customers via their own web pages.

Keep brokers in-sync

Their integration allows you to share live and upcoming availability with your brokers and agents. It is secure, automatic, and email-free. 

It allows you to share live access to the current and upcoming availability, all the while saving your team 100s fewer emails and calls before new customers are ready to close.

Sync listings and bookings

More and more aggregators are integrating with Syncaroo to enable live-data syncing and to streamline bookings. There are so many apps, integrations and platforms available for coworkers to make bookings to your coworking space.

Keeping them all updated, and handling all those inbound requests could easily take up hours of your day, especially if you make use of more than one platform or if you have more than one location. 

Syncaroo auto-updates the listing details, avoids double-bookings and syncs confirmations right back into your management platform. It saves you time and manual labour. 

Why is automation important? 

As a coworking space owner or manager you tend to have your hands full with many requests and running the coworking space. Automating your bookings and updating of your web page or aggregator listings, allows you the freedom to run the space without worrying what is happening online. 

We know that our members, just like us, like the newest and greatest tech. But, great automation is fundamental to being able to pick and choose  the best software and platforms for  any coworking space, while also helping to make tasks easier and quicker.

Not only does it free up your time, but it helps keep things organised. Let’s put it into perspective: 

If your space only has one available desk for the hour, Syncaroo updates it on all of your booking platforms, like your website, Upflex, flow the list goes on. Now, let’s say that the last desk is now booked, Syncaroo automatically updates connected platforms. 

But why is this important? 

Well, it ensures that double bookings are eliminated, and that you can keep track of your bookings and availability throughout the day. Without moving your mouse, opening another tab or app, or even thinking about it. 

When your space is well managed, it gives you the opportunity to focus on what is important to you and your coworking space. It also offers a better customer experience which can ultimately lead to higher revenue. 

How can Syncaroo help your coworking space?

Adding Syncaroo into your coworking space’s Operational Stack can very quickly become your competitive advantage, leveraging widely-spread but always-accurate data and operational speed to stand out from your competition. Above and beyond the things mentioned, here are some other ways Syncaroo makes running your coworking space easy and automatic. 

It integrates with your management system 

When you update your details, prices or photos in your favourite management software, Syncaroo will keep things in-sync. This means that Syncaroo will update it across all platforms that you have connected like your webpage, other management software, and even your Google Business Profile. 

Integration with Google Business profiles

Syncaroo allows automation of your Google Business Profiles workflows. It auto-updates your Google Business Profiles whenever changes are made within Syncaroo-connected management systems.

Google Business Profiles is integrated with Syncaroo to allow workspace operators to automate workflows like; keeping listings, pages, and opening hours updated.

Keep an eye out for what Syncaroo has in store next. They have some big plans to make owning a coworking space so much easier and convenient. If you want to test some of these services, sign up to be a Syncaroo Beta Tester