Stavros Messinis & Maria Calafatis – Virtual Events & Hackathon

powered by Sounder Hello everyone! We are back with another podcast! And this time our guests are the founders of THE CUBE from Athens, Stavros Messinis and Maria Calafatis. They will tell us about their current projects during this current crisis that we are in and how they are handling

Shazia and David – Through the Pandemic Downturn

  powered by Sounder Hello folks! Welcome to another swell podcast with me Bernie and Zeljko, your Coworking Values podcast hosts.  We are here with Shazia Mustafa, founder of Third Door and David Randall of Maple Works.  Shazia is the co-founder of Third Door, a coworking space with

Johanna and Hector – Crisis Directory

powered by Sounder Another Podcast is up! We are here with Johanna Voll from Germany and Hector Kosanas from the USA who are going to tell us all about their new project: The Crisis Directory.  They will be diving into how the Crisis Directory will help the coworking community not

Ed Goodman – The Nuances of the Freelance World

  powered by Sounder Hello gals and guys! We are here in another podcast, with our guest Ed Goodman. A man that is close to our hearts in every discipline. He is the founder of Freelance Heroes, a community for freelancers across the industries in the UK. In this podcast

Alex Hillman – How Can Coworking Cope During the COVID19 Pandemic

  powered by Sounder For this Podcast, we have Alex Hillman, Co-founder of Indy Hall, a coworking space in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  In this podcast, Alex talks about his community’s reaction to the COVID19 crisis: what they did, how they started to prepare, and how they are keeping their community

COVID19 and What it means for the Community

We are going to talk about the current crisis the world is facing and how it is affecting businesses. We discuss how the Corona Virus Disease (Covid19) and everybody is self-isolating to help flatten the curve and what it means for the Coworking community. And how everyone is trying their

Alex Ahom – Game Plan A: Community

  powered by Sounder In this episode, Željko interviews one of the pillars of European coworking, Alex Ahom. In this podcast, they chat about beginnings, endings, burnt out and the ‘business of work.’ Alex shares about moving to Germany seven years ago, he had to learn to connect and meet up with