In this post, we’ll guide you through registering and making the most out of the London Coworking Assembly community at the Workspace Design Show at the Business Design Centre at the end of February 2023.

How to get the best from the Workspace Design Show 2023

The Workspace Design Show gathers the UK’s workplace interiors community to investigate the experience of tomorrow’s workspaces.

Creating environments that encourage creativity and innovation while being dynamic enough to accommodate flexible working models is essential. The event will combine networking, thought leadership, and the most recent products to transform our country’s offices.

The Workspace Design Show and each Coworking Breakfast Show are free, but you must register for each part to enter the event.

As a London coworking space owner or operator, we urge you to bring as many of your team as possible to this free two-day event.

You will hear about the problems and successes of industry peers from London and Europe and the latest on topics like space design, community and equity.

We know going to industry events can get quite unaffordable, with ticket prices, travel, staff cover for your coworking space and time off-site.

Nonetheless, this two-day event is packed with cutting-edge conversations to help your coworking business without the high price tag of getting in.

The UK is currently facing substantial economic challenges. 

London’s coworking industry is well-positioned to help people make the best of their local communities and personal economic destiny.

The more we connect locally, the stronger the local economic ecosystems will be for our coworking businesses and members.

What is happening, and when?

The London Coworking Assembly (LCA) will run TWO Coworking Breakfast Show events at The Workspace Design Show 2023 – here is how to Register and RSVP:

1. Register for the main show

2. Pick your LCA Breakfast

3. RSVP for your LCA Breakfast

Because our events are part of the Workspace Design Show, you need to register for the main event and our events – you can do that here.

Day one is = Designing a Coworking Space in 2023: Making the most of your space – RSVP here.

Day two = DEI – Beyond the Buzzwords – RSVP here.

You are welcome to attend both LCA Breakfast Show events if that works.

Also, you can come to Workspace Design Show only – we’ll be there all day on both days.

Getting the Most Out of Your Attendance

What we have always done best at the London Coworking Assembly, Coworking Values Podcast and projects are to connect people and ideas.

Connecting with fellow community managers, space owners, and operators of every shape and size in the London coworking industry will help you advance your business goals and those of the people who make up your community.

People are coming from across the UK and Europe coworking industry to meet and take part in the two-day event.

It will be a fantastic and diverse gathering of voices from all segments of the coworking, flexible workspace and office industries.

The two Breakfast Shows we’ve planned are incredible, and the conversations you’ll hear will blow your mind.


Your connections and discussions will help you connect with the value and magic of the London Coworking Assembly community before, during, and after each event.

Since 2014 we’ve been organising informal meet-ups for people who run London coworking spaces, and the support and connection generated between those people have seen them through in good and bad times.

Since 2018 we’ve run over 30 London Coworking Assembly Breakfasts Shows at coworking spaces, London universities, Local Town Halls and the Herman Miller showroom.And if you need to get some work done while at the event, you can find a Nook Pod to work in or go to the on-site cafe.

The Workspace Design Show London 2023

The Workspace Design Show brings together the UK’s workplace interiors community to explore the experience of tomorrow’s workspaces.

What will shape tomorrow’s workspace?

Now more than ever, the future is based on togetherness, collaboration, and the spirit of cooperation.

Workspaces must create environments that foster creativity and innovation while also being agile for the flexible working models that people require.

Monday 27th February 09:30 am

Designing a Coworking Space in 2023:
Making the most of the space you have

Coworking brings various people together into a workspace designed to help them work and form connections. 

Coworking spaces are unique from other working environments as they strive to create a sense of belonging and form a community in a new area. 

They are welcoming, inclusive and unique, with different elements such as workstations and office utilities. Designers consider the client’s needs when creating the space, incorporating warm tones into the workspace and ensuring there is a set level of comfort and accessibility for everyone. 

The current working mindset is starting to question the “normal” way of working, as people want a more flexible and relaxed work-life balance. 

This makes coworking spaces attractive as they can form meaningful connections with other people from different companies for work and genuine relationships.

The LCA is excited to be a part of the Workspace Design Show, taking place here in London.

We will host “Coworking: Making the most of the space you have” with:

Karen West-Whylie, Founder of Three-Sixty Workrooms and an expert in starting new local workspaces.

Marc Navarro
, an expert in design principles and co-lead of the Coworking Spain Conference.

Pauline Roussel – cofounder of Coworkies, has visited over 400 coworking spaces worldwide. 

David O’Coimin, the Founder – Director of Nook Wellness Pods, is an expert in designing space to accommodate people’s needs.

MATT PR founder Aceil Haddad will lead this extraordinary panel.

Tuesday 28th February 09:00 am

DEI – Beyond The Buzzwords

Community, equity and inclusion, traditionally known as DEI, are needed to create an empathetic, accepting and progressive working environment. 

DEI is essential for fostering a culture of collaboration and respect amongst all communities and demographics in the coworking movement. 

Historically, the workplace has been a breeding ground for toxic masculinity, inhibiting marginalised social group members from thriving in their workplace and professional careers.

 DEI is necessary to create open and honest communication with others, such as addressing uncomfortable topics such as menopause. 

Making sure everyone’s perspective is heard, and they feel like valued participants in the conversation contributes to nurturing a working environment that’s inclusive to all.

But how do we go beyond the buzzwords? 

The European Coworking Assembly has created the IDEA handbook. A guide on implementing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility into workplaces, the handbook also explores how to approach these conversations with compassion and respect.

It’s a small step but the beginning of making a substantial and impactful change. 

The London Coworking Assembly is excited to participate in the Workspace Design Show in London.

The panel for this event will include the following: 

Neil Usher, author of Unf*cking Work: How to Fix it for Good

Kate Usher, Menopause & Gender Equity Consultant at Menopause in Business

Shazia Mustafa, Centre Director, The Granville

Kofi Oppong, Founder of Urban MBA

Lucy Mcinally, Founder and Content Marketer at …And So Forth, will lead this panel of change-makers.

We would also like to give a big thanks to our co-producers Nook Wellness Pods for this event.

Jeannine van der Linden and Bernie J Michell will launch the ECA IDEA Handbook at this event. 

You can visit the European Coworking Assembly website to learn more about the handbook.